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Production Dramaturgy - I dig deep into history and culture in order to support actors, directors and designers in their work. My style is informed by my background in theatre education as well as my academic background in literature and philosophy. I provide a steady outside eye on rehearsals and works in progress. My work with the artists is eventually turned around for the audience, each circle of dramaturgical attention building on the last.

Playwrights and Devisers - Early in a process, I reflect back to a playwright or deviser on where I see their piece might be already be headed. I also apply my knowledge of various narrative structures - and well as research - so we can ask together, what is at the heart of the matter? Occasionally I'm asked to contribute text of my own composition to works in progress. I love the devising process in particular because it comes more deeply from the unconscious mind.

Production Dramaturgy

2016, The House of Bernarda Alba / EmersonStage / Damon Krometis /


2016, The Life and Death of Queen Margaret / Real Live Theatre /

     Toby Vera Bercovici / TEXT GLOSS

2013, The Merchant of Venice / Jewish Theatre Collective / Dori Robinson

Literary Management

2016-2017, Silverthorne Theater Company / Season Selection Committee

2016-2017, Company One / Script Reader

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