I am drawn to minimalism and invention as a director - I like to explore how actors can manipulate and transform their environment through the life of their characters - inhabiting and creating the world as they tell the story. Thorough text work and research are important parts of my process, especially when working on canonical material - it's important to me that every single role get my full attention. Above all, it matters to me that my work be responsive to my community here in Western Massachusetts.

My growing edge, going into 2021 - I want to return to small-ensemble canonical works, and get especially thick with the late 19th century through the mid 20th century - my hungry eyes are on Beckett, Pirandello and Strindberg right now. At the same time, I'm eager to form collaborations with playwrights, especially playwrights in this area, and to facilitate the development of new work. And I do dream of someday directing musicals - telling those classic stories with a fresh, contemporary spin.

Directing (NYC)

2019, "Central Park in the Dark" / Manhattan Repertory Theatre

Directing (Regional)

2017, "After Orlando" / Eggtooth Productions

2015, excerpt, "The Designated Mourner" / Emerson College Directing

2015, The Merry Wives of Windsor / Hampshire Shakespeare Company

2015, "The Happiness Friends" / The Drama Studio

2014, The Heidi Chronicles / Jewish Theatre Collective

2012, "Number Nine" / A Shot of Theater Festival

2011, "The Dangers of Tobacco" / Double Take Fringe Festival